Running dry?

Climate change in drylands and how to cope with it

Softcover, 222 Seiten
Erscheinungstermin: 01.10.2009

Drylands cover more than one third of the world's terrestrial area. Land degradation in these regions is a driver of climate change. Conversely, dryland ecosystems and populations are among those most affected by the adverse effects of such change. Yet the linkages between climate change and dryland degradation have so far scarcely featured in climate policy debate.

This book gives the first comprehensive overview of the state of research on the complex issues surrounding »climate change and drylands«. It reveals systematically the various interrelations and feedback mechanisms,  with detailed information about the contribution of drylands to climate change, recent and projected climatic changes and their impacts on drylands. The authors also discuss how sustainable land management can be made part of the response to climate change. The book compiles facts and figures, charts the way forward, and highlights knowledge gaps, uncertainties and research questions.

It will provide a compendium for all scientists, development practitioners and policymakers with an interest in the major global environmental challenges: desertification and land degradation, biodiversity loss and climate change.
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