(Hrsg.), (Hrsg.), (Hrsg.)
Social Dimensions of Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal Regions

Findings from Transdisciplinary Research

Softcover, 254 Seiten
Erscheinungstermin: 04.12.2014

A changing climate is not only a phenomenon addressing the natural world. Social aspects are also a cause of and are affected by climate change, for which reason social dynamicsmust be considered in climate change adaptation. Being key factors in creating andsolving the challenges of climate change, end users, decision makers and local residents need to be addressed and appreciated by those seeking acceptance for adaptation measures and taking action.

The sociocultural and hence environmental dimensions of adaptation to climate change in coastal regions and beyond take centre stage in this edited volume. Natural and social scientists from an interdisciplinary background address questions of how to cope with the challenge of climate change in different contexts. The book highlights aspects of coastal adaptation, response strategies, and factors of success in coastal adaptation at regional and local levels. mehr anzeigen  

Klimawandel Küsten Küstenmanagement Meere Regionalentwicklung
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