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10. November 2017
|  14:00 Uhr
-  20:00 Uhr

European Green Australia Summit 2017 in Berlin

Intelligent Cities And Healthy Regions Konferenz

Freitag, 10.11.2017 | 14:00 - 20:00 Uhr | Australische Botschaft Berlin, Wallstr. 76-79, 10179 Berlin


The inaugural EUROPEAN GREEN AUSTRALIA SUMMIT on 10 November 2017 will kick off a new conference series dedicated to the exchange of ideas and services around sustainable planning between Australia and Europe, with a spotlight on Germany. 

This year’s focus is on Sustainable Infrastructure for Intelligent Cities and Healthy Regions. Smart Cities themselves are not enough – they must be intelligently conceived and managed to meet the needs of communities, businesses and nations who are facing a future dominated by climate change. The conference will open discussions around frameworks for habitability, liveability, sustenance, prosperity and resilience.

EUGAUS brings together the finest thinkers and doers in the integrated fields of green infrastructure: new urban design, architecture and construction, health, housing and property development, energy efficiency and renewable energy systems, information technology and finance, project management and execution.

EUGAUS'17 is presented by the Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development in Berlin (Professor Peter Droege), supported by the Australian Government (H.E. Ms Lynette Wood) as part of Australia now Germany 2017 - a year-long initiative to showcase the creative excellence, diversity and innovation of Australia as well as highlighting new collaborations and deepen networks across a variety of fields.

Programm: www.eugaus.net/program

Eintritt: Kostenlos, bestätigte Registration (www.eugaus.net/registration) bis zum 26. Oktober 2017 ist essenziell für den Einlass

Infos zum Buch: https://www.oekom.de/nc/buecher/gesamtprogramm/buch/regenerative-raeume.html

Veranstalter: Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development, Berlin (Marienstrasse 19/20, 10117 Berlin)
+ 49 30 6060 5076 info@eurisd.de