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Current Issue

GAIA 1 - 2018

Special Issue: Labs in the Real World – Advancing Transdisciplinarity and Transformations

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Index (pdf, 165 kB)


Ortwin Renn: Real-World Laboratories – the Road to Transdisciplinary Research?
read article (pdf, 484 kB)

Open Access - Articles:

Theresia Bauer: Research on Real-World Laboratories in Baden-Württemberg –
read article (pdf, 471 kB)

Felix Wagner, Eric Miller: The Background and History of Real-World Laboratory Funding in Baden-Württemberg –
read article (pdf, 470 kB)

Interview: 12 QUESTIONS TO … Helga Nowotny –
read article (pdf, 495 kB)

Niko Schäpke, Matthias Bergmann, Franziska Stelzer, Daniel J. Lang (Guest Editors): Labs in the Real World: Advancing Transdisciplinary Research and Sustainability Transformation – Mapping the Field and Emerging Lines of Inquiry
read article (pdf, 945 kB)

Uwe Schneidewind, Karoline Augenstein, Franziska Stelzer, Matthias Wanner: Structure Matters: Real-World Laboratories as a New Type of Large-Scale Research Infrastructure – A Framework Inspired by Giddens’ Structuration Theory
read article (pdf, 582 kB)

Sebastian Rogga, Jana Zscheischler, Nadin Gaasch: How Much of the Real-World Laboratory Is Hidden in Current Transdisciplinary Research? –
read article (pdf, 566 kB)

Mandy Singer-Brodowski, Richard Beecroft, Oliver Parodi: Learning in Real-World Laboratories – A Systematic Impulse for Discussion
read article (pdf, 530 kB)

Franziska Engels, Jan-Christoph Rogge: Tensions and Trade-offs in Real-World Laboratories – The Participants’ Perspective
read article (pdf, 518 kB)

Michael Pregernig, Regina Rhodius, Georg Winkel: Design Junctions in Real-World Laboratories – Analyzing Experiences Gained from the Project Knowledge Dialogue Northern Black Forest
read article (pdf, 679 kB)

Anita Engels, KerstinWalz: Dealing with Multi-Perspectivity in Real-World Laboratories – Experiences from the Transdisciplinary Research Project Urban Transformation Laboratories
read article (pdf, 637 kB)

Pius Krütli, Christian Pohl, Michael Stauffacher: Sustainability Learning Labs in Small Island Developing States – A Case Study of the Seychelles
read article (pdf, 605 kB)

Oliver Parodi, Colette Waitz, Monika Bachinger, Rainer Kuhn, Sarah Meyer-Soylu, Sophia Alcántara, Regina Rhodius: Insights into and Recommendations from Three Real-World Laboratories – An Experience-Based Comparison
read article (pdf, 590 kB)

Eva Heiskanen, Senja Laakso, Kaisa Matschoss, Julia Backhaus, Gary Goggins, Edina Vadovics: Designing Real-World Laboratories for the Reduction of Residential Energy Use – Articulating Theories of Change
read article (pdf, 657 kB)

Mascha Menny, Yuliya Voytenko Palgan, Kes McCormick: Urban Living Labs and the Role of Users in Co-Creation –
read article (pdf, 684 kB)

Christian Scholl, Joop de Kraker, Thomas Hoeflehner, Mette Agger Eriksen, Petra Wlasak, Thomas Drage: Transitioning Urban Experiments – Reflections on Doing Action Research with Urban Labs
read article (pdf, 548 kB)

Niko Schäpke, Franziska Stelzer, Guido Caniglia, Matthias Bergmann, Matthias Wanner, Mandy Singer-Brodowski, Derk Loorbach, Per Olsson, Carolin Baedeker, Daniel J. Lang: Jointly Experimenting for Transformation? – Shaping Real-World Laboratories by Comparing Them
read article (pdf, 573 kB)

Rico Defila, Antonietta Di Giulio: What Is It Good For? – Reflecting and Systematizing Accompanying Research to Research Programs
read article (pdf, 545 kB)

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