At the Expense of Others?

How the imperial mode of living prevents a good life for all

Softcover, 128 Seiten
Erscheinungstermin: 05.09.2019

Today it feels like everybody is talking about the problems and crises of our times: the climate and resource crisis, Greece's permanent socio-political crisis or the degrading exploitative practices of the textile industry. Many are aware of the issues, yet little seems to change. Why is this? The concept of the imperial mode of living explains why, in spite of increasing injustices, no long-term alternatives have managed to succeed and a socio-ecological transformation remains out of sight.

This text presents the concept of an imperial mode of living and explains how our current mode of production and living is putting both people and the natural world under strain. We shine a spotlight on various areas of our daily lives, among them food, mobility and digitalisation. We also look at socio-ecological alternatives and approaches to establish a good life for everyone - instead of for just a few. mehr anzeigen  

Eine Welt Energie Ernährung Konsum Landwirtschaft Nachhaltigkeitsstrategien Transformation Wirtschaftsethik Zukunftsforschung
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